Monday, March 26, 2012

Soal Bahasa Inggris UTS ganjil kelas 5

Text for number 1-5
Mr. Iqrok  is my English teacher. His hobby is reading newspaper  every morning. He always reads the morning newspaper. He gets actual news from the newpaper.
1.Mr. Iqrok is a…..
    a. manager                     b. teacer                              c. head master                  d. musician
2. Mr Iqrok hobby is….
    a. bowling                       b. listening music             c. reading                            d. shoping
3. X : What does Mr. Iqrok do every morning?
    Y : He ……
    a. takes a bath                               b. plys chess                       c. gets breaksfast             d. reads news
4. X : Does Mr. Iqrok know actual news?
    Y : Yes….
    a. she does                     b. he does                           c. he do                                d. he don’t
5. X : Does Mr. Iqrok hobby is cycling?
    Y : ………
    a. Yes, he does              b. No, he does not.         c. yes, he do                       d. no, he don’t 

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